Thursday, January 31, 2008

This may be a quicky... I have a miserable cold that is progressing down into my throat. And my husband just left for a 5 day business trip to boot! I may be off to bed if the kiddos stay down. But while I sit here sipping my "little girl" tea (something my mom used to make us when we were not feeling well, cramps, etc... it's decaf tea- the plain kind- with a little sugar and evaporated milk- it's so yummy and comforting) I will try to say something interesting...hmmm...uummm...ok that didn't work.

I did make a card today, though. It started out one way then I totally messed it up and I ended up with a completely different card than intended... and you all know exactly what I am talking about!

So this little gem was for today's "way to use it" challenge at splitcoast. It was all about staples and since I have that jumbo stapleornator thing-a-ma-bobby (can't remember what it's called- something terminator'ish) that has been sitting on my shelf for a very long time without any use... I figured it was a good challenge for me! So the card is missing something up top but I have no clue what would look good up there with out taking away from the flower- which, by the way, I love the way it turned out! I think it looks better IRL.

Since I currently have fog in my brain, I scored my card 1 1/2" too short... so it became a hinged sort of card which totally screwed up the proportions of everything... oh, well I decided to roll with it anyway. So my flower... I stamped the stemmed flower from True Friend in Old Olive Classic ink and then used my 5-petal punch to punch out flowers from the old Apple Cider DSP. I used a dimensional in between the two punched flowers and then put felt flowers together with a yellow rhinestone brad. I put them all together over the stamped flower and voila! It adds a lot of dimension to the card- which I am big on! I pierced holes into the perimeter of the Very Vanilla cardstock and mounted it onto a piece of Chocolate Chip cardstock. In the upper left and lower right corners I put little striped triangles to give a tad bit more umph. The ribbon is wrapped around the staples that I ended up using to "bind" my card together. Not quite what I had intended to do but it's what happened... "True Friend" is stamped on the binding. I used my Old Olive and Really Rust Stampin' Write markers to color in the portion of the sentinment ("A true friend is you friend") I wanted to use.

I added a piece of Really Rust cardstock into the inside of the card to make it easier to read when writing. The little olive felt flower and brad is just a sweet little surprise when opening the card.

It feels good to be creating a little something each day. I may not get to do much but 'anything is something'!

On a more personal note... I am a little bit nosey when the UPS guy delivers a large envelope here addressed to my husband. We're not refinancing or doing any "business" that I know of... so I look to see who it is from. Despair, inc. Huh? Now let me remind you that he just left for a convention for 5 days ... and now I am thinking I have a depressed and down it the dumps husband! And his convention is in Vegas and now he is going to gamble what is left of our money... he is in some sort of trouble... all hell is about to let loose!!!! All the while he is trying to get some desperately needed help from Despair inc. but it came too late!!! So I open the envelope and about pee'd my pants laughing! Despair, inc. You have to check them out!

They say:
For over two decades, the multi-billion dollar motivation industry has unleashed untold suffering upon the workplaces, schools and civil institutions of the world- in the insidious form of the motivational poster. By the millions they have been sold and displayed- these dark instruments of corporate propaganda. While promising to stimulate "Hope", "Success" and "Teamwork", instead these tools of coercion and intimidation have inspired only grief, anger and nausea.
In 1998, one company dared to fight back, as Despair, Inc. introduced Demotivators®, satirical products reverse-engineered from the most powerful motivational posters ever inflicted upon mankind. And now, with the Parody Motivator Generator, we place those very same tools in YOUR less-capable hands.

My brother-in-law had ordered Andy one of their calendars as a birthday gift... I just found the whole thing so 'pickin funny! If you can, order a catalog and read it- you will bust a gut! It reminds me a lot of SNL's Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy. Hopefully somebody knows what I am talking about! One of the Un-motivation posters says "Consistency: It's only a virtue if you're not a screwup." Another is a beautiful picture of a shooting star and it says: "Wishes: When you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. Unless it's really a meteorite hurtling to the earth which will destroy all life. Then you're pretty much hosed no matter what you wish for. Unless it's death my meteor." Oh, I love sarcasm!

And just so you all know my husband isn't depressed and wouldn't gamble away all of our money- just a clarification!

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