Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Emergency" Thank you

My 5 year old's school had a minor- but could have been huge- emergency on Monday forcing them to go into "shelter mode". Everyone had to get indoors and seal shut all doors and windows and nobody was allowed on or off campus. After about 30 minutes they had police and fire escorts off campus. It was scary but they did such a great job. They had "practiced" their drills in the past but this was their first evacuation. The school is on the main thoroughfare through our city so it caused major congestion when it was closed down for approx. 12 hours. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get to their evacuation site when it is less than 2 miles from my house... but when I got there the kids were all singing songs and having a great "field trip". I had asked my son when we were in the car if he was a little bit scared and he looked at me like I was a nut and asked me "Why would I be scared?" That made me feel so good since I was really nervous.

Anyway, I thought I would make the staff a card of appreciation for taking such great care of our children... I know they were just doing their jobs but they did it with a lot of love.

The card is my new favorite size- 4x8 1/2. I apologize, I didn't measure the layers- just eyeballed the size I wanted. But the base is soft sky textured 12 x 12 cardstock, then purely pomegranite cs, then blue bayou dsp, then p.p. again, an adhesive backed non su paper than very vanilla cardstock. The stamp set used is True Friend by Stampin UP! I stamped the stem and petals in Wild Wasabi and the flower in blue bayou and purely pomegranite classic inks. I used my Round tab punch and blue bayou dsp for the tab. The "thank you" is from Fancy Flexible Phrases and is embossed with white embossing powder. The center of the flower and the tab have the rhinestone brads from the Pretties kit and the bottom right corner has just a silver brad. Purely Pomegranite satin ribbon is tied around the center. It turned out pretty.

The kiddos returned to school the next day for an uneventful day- thank goodness! But unfortunately the "events" happened at home instead. My husband stayed home sick from work- thankfully! My 5 year old was trying to get something up high in his closet when he fell and smacked his forehead on a shelf splitting his little head open. I was nursing the baby at the time, my daughter was freaking out at all the blood, hubby was in bed... he probably should have gotten a couple of stitches but he was so terrified of getting shots that we decided to call our nurse friend and she came over and cleaned it good and butterflied it shut... it was along the hair line so it won't be totally noticeable and plus, "chicks dig scars!" That's what I tell him. So while we are tending to my son, my 3 year old daughter decides to help us out by bringing my 3 month old to us... we are hearing this horrible squeaking cry to find my daughter carrying him with her arms around his neck!! He's fine but was not happy and my daughter is crying hysterically because of our reaction to seeing her carrying him that way... she was just trying to be helpful... oh, I cannot imagine if my husband had not been home!

Hope today is better! The funny thing is my hubby is trying to convince me we should have a 4th child. After days like these I just laugh at the thought!

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