Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hawaii, here I come!

So I am leaving for Maui, just a short trip, Thursday morning so I will be absent for a little bit! If I am able to get everything done that I need to I will post a picture of the Valentine's we are making for Ryan's teachers. So I had better get off the 'puter and get to work... laundry, clean house, pack, clean out the fridge, hmmm... I have more to do than I have time!

I just had to say real quick that my daffodils are beginning to bloom! We just bought this house this past summer and the previous owner had been a nurseryman. We have over 70 roses, about 30 winter blooming Camellias (AMAZING!), fruit trees, etc. Well now I have the winter/spring surprise where I am seeing all of the bulbs that he planted! I have tulips, daffodils and a couple others that haven't bloomed yet so I can't wait to see what they are! When I get back I will post some pics of what is blooming- but for now I will show you some pics I took of my roses in October:

Talk to you soon! I am off to do the hula!

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