Friday, April 4, 2008

So I am hopefully going to attempt a few of the VSN challenges over at Splitcoast today/tomorrow. Hopefully the family cooperates (questionable). Plus, it's been beautiful outside- I don't want to spend all my time down in the cold dark basement... just part of it. I had a few minutes so I tried the first challenge which was to make a card inspired by this dress:

Wow! It's a bright one. Can't say I would ever wear it- but I can be inspired by it. I don't have a spectrum pad and I wasn't "feeling" the black & brights combo. So this is what I came up with:

So, I am sure you can really see all the simillarities (I never can remember how to spell that...). Ya! Just in case you can't (insert sarcasm):

  • The bold colors- mine are just a little muted in comparison.
  • The top flower's petals reminded me of the dress's wings (don't think I have any dresses with wings... will have to get me one of them!)
  • The line art on the print of the dress and my background paper.
  • The orange strip is kinda like the neck of the dress.

So, clear as mud? Hopefully I will get more done... by the way, my house is still a mess!

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